The Torah that I enjoy studying is of a kind that is religiously meaningful, demanding and inspiring on the one hand, and intellectually rigorous, provocative and complex on the other. It is ancient in its origins but contemporary in its applications. This is also the Torah that I strive to teach to others. If this appeals to you then I hope you will enjoy your time on this site.

This site serves three aims:

  • To collect and present pieces of my writings – short ideas, articles, and longer essays.

  • A database of source-sheets and resources useful for all those interested in Jewish education either as teachers or students.

  • An access point for those interested in pursuing personal study online with me; wherever they are in the world, and whatever their background in Jewish learning.

Thanks for visiting!

אמר אביי: דאמר קרא: +תהלים ב”ס + אחת דבר אלהים שתים זו שמעתי כי עז לאלהים – מקרא אחד יוצא לכמהטעמים, ואין טעם אחד יוצא מכמה מקראות. דבי רבי ישמעאל תנא: +ירמיהו ג”כ + וכפטיש יפצץ סלע, מה פטישזה מתחלק לכמה ניצוצות – אף מקרא אחד יוצא לכמה טעמים

Said Abaye: the verse in Tehillim reads, ‘one is the word of God, yet two things have I heard, for thus is the greatness of God’ – a single verse is given multiple explanations… The House of Rebbi Yishmael taught: ‘As the hammer splits the rock’ (Yirmiyahu 23), just as the hammer smashes the rock into shards – so too a single verse is interpreted in multiple ways.

(Talmud Bavli, Sanhedrin 34a)

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