Four Pieces Of Shavuot Torah

A few pieces of mine on various aspects of Shavuot.

  1. Megillat Rut is quiet but revolutionary. This is an essay I wrote that uses various literary techniques to unpack the megilla’s message. For those learning 929 it’s also cool to see how Rut is the bridge from the anarchy and cruelty of Shotfim to the optimism of Shmuel –
  2. A short article I wrote on how Torah study can bind the Jewish people despite their differences, including one of the most powerful experiences on a plane I ever had. –
  3. Rav Yitzchak Hutner’s Pahad Yitzchak is one of the most powerful works of Jewish thought. Here are two pieces of his on Shavuot
  4. Shavuot is in some ways the festival of geirut. This shiur considers how the giving of the Torah at Sinai and the story of Rut represent two different models of conversion.

Print out, take a listen, celebrate the Torah

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