Six Shiurim on Shemot To Illuminate Pesach

I have loved Shemot (Exodus) for many years and so this year we chose to study it over the Spring Semester so that in the run up to Pesach we would have spent time in-depth time with the critical stories that make up the background to the Jews’ slavery, their liberation, Mosheh’s leadership, and the journey to Sinai, enriching our understanding of our most important national story.

All the shiurim focus closely on the Biblical text and have accompanying source sheets – although listening ‘on the go’ is definitely feasible.

1. Introducing Shemot – What’s In A Name

2. Introducing Mosheh – The First 80 Years

3. The Time God Tried To Kill Mosheh

4. Religion, Politics & Understanding The Lineage Interruption

5. Unmasking The Plagues

6. The Midrashim Of The Splitting Of The Sea

Chag Pesach Kasher v’Sameach!

Shemot image.jpg

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