Kibbud Av V’Em – On The Mitzvah and Difficulties of Honouring Parents

For the second half of the Fall Semester at NYU in our gemara class, we decided to study the sugyot of Kibbud Av V’Eim (honouring parents).

Kibbud Av V’Em is one of the most taken for granted of all halachic topics – be a good boy and do what your parents say, right? On reflection however nothing could be further from the truth. Kibbud Av V’Eim is unique in many respects – accompanying a person throughout their life yet changing from one stage to the next, almost impossible to fulfill, with no simple distinction between machmir and meikel. No two families are alike and every individual is frequently their own posek.

In our classes we study both the halachic and the aggadic sections of the topic that appear towards the end of the first chapter of Kiddushin.

  1.  Introduction and Fundamentals -The Uniqueness of Kibbud Av V’Em, in general and in this generation, and the meaning of the comparison of honouring parents as akin to honouring God.
  2.  Repaying The Debt?
  3. The Orphan’s Question: When Kibbud Av Conflicts With Kibbud Eim
  4. Romeo and Juliet B’Halacha: When Parents Disagree With Your Choice of Partner and Other Delicate Situations
  5. What (Not) To Do With An Annoying Parent: The Story of Rav Assi’s Mother and the Maharam of Rothenburg’s Father


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1 Response to Kibbud Av V’Em – On The Mitzvah and Difficulties of Honouring Parents

  1. As a baalat teshuva, I never thought of it as an easy thing. Have plenty of friends with the same struggles.

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