Abrabanel’s Anti-Politics

In our fourth class on Jewish Political Thought we study the thought of Don Yitzchak Abrabanel (1437-1508). Abrabanel was one of the most distinguished politicians and statesmen in Jewish history and also one of the tradition’s finest political thinkers.
Fascinatingly, despite holding senior positions in Spain, Portugal, Venice, and Naples, he created a political philosophy which rejects not only monarchy (the mainstream Jewish position) in favour of republican democracy, but even appears to reject political association altogether. Relating to this week’s parshat hashavua: what was the sin of those who built the tower of Babel? That they built a city and engaged in political life. That was it!

To listen to the shiur and see the source sheet, click here:

If you missed them, here are the first three classes:

  1. Monarchy in The Bible: The Mitzvah To Appoint A King (or is it?)
  2. The Rambam’s Political Philosophy: Religion Serves The State, The State Serves Religion
  3. Rabbeinu Nissim’s (Ran): Separation and Coexistence of Religion and Politics


Venice in the middle ages

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