Torah In South Africa

I have just finished a wonderful ten days in South Africa where I was brought out by Limmud SA and The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning. I saw three cities, the bush, learned about SA politics and the Jewish community, bonded with a fantastic team of international presenters, was hosted by the most gracious of hosts and met hundreds of people. It was an honour to learn with so many and I present here all of the classes for which I have recordings. The vast majority of the links lead to audio and source sheets and a few lead to articles. Thank you to everyone who made our time so special.

Cape Town  – August 19th – 21st

The Talmud & The Holocaust

Theological Politics: Yeshayahu Leibowitz and Abraham Joshua Heschel

Suicide: A Halachic History

An Alternative Religious Zionism – The Path Not Travelled: A Student’s Tribute to Rav Yehuda Amital

Durban August 23rd

‘Good Morning My New World’ – The Book of Jonah through Contemporary Israeli Music

In Search of The World To Come

Jo’burg – August 26th – 28th

Yishma’el ben Avraham (given at The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning)

What I Learned About Israel In India (King David Victory Park)

Theological Politics: Yeshayahu Leibowitz and Abraham Joshua Heschel

How Torah Binds Jews Together (article based on Shabbat Lunch Dvar Torah)

Yonah, Nineveh, and the Positive Hypocrisy of Teshuva

The Two Goats of Yom Kippur as Two Models of Teshuva (recording by Dr Yael Ziegler)

The First King’s Last Night – Saul and the Witch of Ein Dor


Learning Torah and appreciating God’s creation in Nambiti Game Reserve.


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