Winter Torah in The UK

It’s been a wonderful semester of Talmud Torah at NYU. I have uploaded many of the shiurim here and a number are on the NYU Kollel site too.

This coming week I am excited to present at Limmud UK. You can see the whole programme here, and below are the source sheets I have prepared for the talks I’ll be giving. I hope you enjoy them!

Moses – the first 80 years (and that time Hashem tried to kill him)

Rav Yohanan b. Zakai and Rabbi Akiva Responding to crisis – two 1st century models for thinking about Zionism in the 21st century

‘Who Can Know The Thoughts of Man…’– A Halachic History of Suicide – From Josephus to the Hatam Sofer

The Theological Politics of Abraham Joshua Heschel and Yishayahu Leibowitz

If you won’t be at Limmud I’ll also be speaking about the the origins of Olam Haba in Jewish thought, at my old stomping ground, London School of Jewish Studies, on January 3rd with my friend, colleague, mentor and teacher Maureen Kendler. Details below


LSJS start the year with a shiur


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