In The Beginning #…6 The Voice of Yaakov and The Hands of Eisav

A shiur covering Toldot, Vayetze and Vayishlach – trying to uncover the meta-themes of the stories of Yaakov and Eisav.

Yitzchak faced a terrible choice. Selecting the tough, strong son who can ensure the family’s physical survival will come at the cost of the family’s religious heritage. But choosing Yaakov, the son ‘who dwells in tents’, the more refined soul spiritually, may imperil the family’s physical survival.

Here we present a classic piece by Rav Yoel bin Nin, one of the great Tanakh teachers of our generation, whose thoughts on power and morality provide a compelling reading of the Tanakh text along with a relevant political message for our times.

Audio here and source sheet here

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