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Chag Amalek – The Festival That Wasn’t

To download a pdf of this article click here In Memory of Dan Uzan z”l Is it necessary to recall the similarities between Judaism and Islam (as distinct from Christianity!) in most of the crucial subjects of religion: the book, the … Continue reading

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Achashverosh as Hero of the Megilla

Hopefully the first of several Purim posts, here is one of my favourite Purim shiurim that LSJS have just put up from their Big Bible weekend in 2011. Achashverosh as the unsung hero of the megilla – based on a … Continue reading

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A Tu B’Shvat Midrash

A midrash for Tu B’Shvat that I have wanted to bring to public attention for a while – originally published on Times of Israel. A great source for thinking about how religious traditions provide some of the strongest conceptual underpinnings … Continue reading

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