Parshat Beshalach – Midrashei Kriyat Yam Suf, Amalek, Yitro

The Arukh HaShulchan (Orach Chaim #126) cites a beautiful minhag that used to be practised in Europe on Parshat Beshalach. Although on Shabbatot throughout the year the halacha is that we only feed animals who are directly under our care, on Beshalach we go out of our way to give food to the birds, in recognition that they also shira al hayam – sang praise to Hashem at the splitting of the sea. In keeping with this we have come to Eilat for Parshat Beshalach – as Jewish calendar tourism goes it’s a nicer place to be than Uman.

Here is my shiur from my course with from the wonderful Shema group of Manchester – source sheet here. The audio file is an hour and a half – the first half focuses on the the midrashim of the splitting of the sea – adapted from a wonderful essay by Rav Shagar and the second half is on the bridge between Parshat Beshalach and Yitro – the dualism of Amalek and Yitro. There is no need to listen to the two together. Shabbat Shalom

red sea

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