Yom Kippur Readings

Following on from last week’s Rosh Hashannah readings I have put together a few more to help direct our thoughts and provoke our imaginations on Yom Kippur. Each file fits onto one page double sided.

If Not Higher is one of the Yiddish author’s, I.L. Peretz’s best-loved short stories. Centred on this time of year it poses the question of what sort of piety is really the most beloved in God’s eyes.

Man’s Lowliness and Greatness is a central element of Jewish thought as a whole and Yom Kippur in particular. Two excerpts – one from my rosh yeshiva, Rav Aharon Lichtenstein, and another from the great Professor of Literature, Erich Auerbach.

The Mortality of Man is a theme we are forced to confront on Yom Kippur.  ‘Inscribe and Seal us for life’ refers not just to surviving but also to the quality and significance of our lives. Midrashim from Pirkei D’Rebbi Eliezer and the Tanchuma, and excerpts from perhaps the great ever British Rabbi, J.H. Hertz, and the American Jewish philosopher Michael Wyschogrod. Don’t miss the last source on the meaning of animal sacrifices.

G’mar v’chatima tova to one and all.

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