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Migdal Bavel for the 21st Century

From a piece written in Hebrew, for Daf Kesher, a few years ago. (Hebrew version below). Can we really build cyber-communities that will replace real communities? I’m very dubious. That’s why I for one won’t be surprised if I wake … Continue reading

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The Revenge of the Animals – An Idea For Bereishit

A piece from Cartoon Kippah a couple of years ago The following idea falls into the interesting category of ‘things which are obviously correct but I have no idea what they mean’ as well as the category of ‘fresh takes … Continue reading

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Yom Kippur Readings

Following on from last week’s Rosh Hashannah readings I have put together a few more to help direct our thoughts and provoke our imaginations on Yom Kippur. Each file fits onto one page double sided. If Not Higher is one of the … Continue reading

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